Braving the Fast Lane on the Social Networking Infobahn

March 1, 2009

by Buzz Harris, Executive Director, Development Resource Center

It’s Wednesday in the digital workplace. You’re a Luddite. An anxious Luddite. One of the office twentysomethings is in urgent monologue with you about “Web Two-Point-Oh.” Your digital footprint is “so 1995” and you need a “MyFace” account immediately! You’ve heard this before. You’ve read about it. And the kid is smart.

What’s a manager a shade greyer than the cybergeneration to do? First, don’t panic. Yes there is a new generation of marketing and communications tools out there: Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, LinkedIn, RSS feeds, and the fast-evolving Blog, among others. Your anxiety is natural. Society has hit one of those moments of rapid technological change when what was true for generations suddenly isn’t.

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Online Social Media Class Coming!

February 20, 2009

The DRC is developing a new course in nonprofit marketing and fundraising using online social media (Web 2.0).  It should be added to the course schedule in the spring, and it will cover Read the rest of this entry »