A Small Guide to Large Gifts: Major Donor Fundraising

April 7, 2009

by Buzz Harris, Executive Director, Development Resource Center

Minor office drama can illustrate fundamental truths about fundraising. You’ve lost your stapler. Again. If you email folks in the surrounding cubes, odds are good that several of them will offer a loaner.

Imagine, though, that you need help getting your cranky bulldog, Mr. Teeth, to the vet. Even emailing forty or fifty coworkers is unlikely to generate a volunteer. Email messages aren’t a powerful enough medium for such a request. But someone has to hold onto your dog. The headrests can’t take more gnawing. Read the rest of this entry »


The Wayback Machine: The Nonprofit Clinic—Summer ’08 Edition

February 25, 2009

Successful Fundraising in Difficult Economic Times

by Buzz Harris, Executive Director, The Development Resource Center

~ Note: This article pre-dates our blog. We decided to share it here as it is still timely. ~

Fundraising during a recession is always challenging. Here is a multi-part strategy to ensure that your organization’s journey through recession is a smoother, more prosperous one. Bring your board and staff together separately to review and recommit themselves to the organization’s mission. Inform both groups, candidly and transparently, about your income and expenses and the reasonable expectations for fundraising. Faced with this challenge they may have valuable input and suggestions. Solicit their thoughts and support.

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