Featured Funder: RESIST

RESIST is a progressive foundation that supports grassroots organizing for peace, economic, social and environmental justice, and provides political education for social change activism. RESIST funds organizations that are actively part of a movement for social change and demonstrate an understanding of the connections among oppressions.

As part of the application process, grant applicants must provide specific information concerning their position, programs and coalition work on a range of political issues, including race, class, gender, reproductive rights, lesbian and gay rights, age, and disability. RESIST believes that building a movement for social change requires groups to discuss issues that may not be central to their organization or work. For those organizations who have not had the opportunity to address these issues, we hope that our grant process will help to facilitate such discussions.

Successful grant applicants are small-budget groups that struggle toward a broad vision of social justice, while continuing to oppose political and institutional oppression. RESIST defines organizing as collective action to challenge the status quo, demand changes in policy and practice, and educate communities about root causes and just solutions. RESIST recognizes community organizing includes a variety of stages and strategies.

Therefore, RESIST supports strategies that

  • build community
  • organize or educate people to take action
  • encourage collaborations with other social change organizations
  • increase skills and/or access to resources
  • produce leadership from the constituency being most directly affected
  • promote organizational longevity

To be eligible for RESIST funding, applicants must:

  • have an organizational budget under $150,000 per year;
  • carry out most of their work in the United States;
  • submit progress reports for all prior RESIST grants; and
  • be a nonprofit organization with 501(c)3 status as determined by the IRS, be a federally recognized American Indian tribal government or agency, or be sponsored by one of the above.

RESIST does not fund:

  • individuals
  • groups that primarily provide direct services (to individuals, families or communities) that are not part of progressive organizing activities
  • research, litigation or legal service organizations unless they are directly connected to progressive organizing campaigns
  • organizations located outside the United States and US Territories
  • the development or production of films, videos or radio projects
  • media or cultural organizations not directly connected to progressive organizing campaigns
  • publications, workshops, classes, conferences, media events, arts, or theater productions unless they are part of an ongoing community organizing effort
  • organizations with access to traditional sources of funding
  • other foundations or grant-giving organizations

For more information see RESIST’s Funding Guidelines.

The DRC offers classes on grant writing.


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